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Studebakers Only is a company devoted to the restoration, repair, and modification of all Studebakers. If you own a Studebaker or only hope to, please review our offerings on the forgoing pages. You will be amazed to discover what can be accomplished for your Studebaker.


Our Mission

Studebakers are our passion, and our aim is to see that they survive through time. We will convey to all Studebaker owners our knowledge and ability to complete this end. Since I'd owned Studes all my life I decided to make Stude building my hobby. At first I was working only for myself, then word got out and others started wanting tasks completed. Goals and Objectives of this hobby are: Create innovative products for the Studebaker enthusiast to keep his/her cars on the road as daily drivers. To modernize the cars for safety, and driving convenience to the maximum amount practical/possible. Deliver quality products to the Studebaker enthusiast. I have no ambition to become a vendor of parts, competing with those who do that so well. I buy from many of them. Although I do get dirty in the shop I spend lots of my time at the drawing board, creating innovative new products. Electrical solutions are one of my specialties.

Company Profile

We do it all; restore, repair, modify, buy, sell, trade, and provide to you all that is necessary to help you and your Studebaker.

We are members of the Studebakers Drivers Club, advertise in the Turning Wheels publication, and attend many International and Zone meets. Also a member of the local Grand Canyon State Chapter and San Diego Chapter of the Studebaker Drivers Club. We are part of the Studebaker web-ring and are listed as a vendor on many Studebaker sites.

All of our customers and suppliers recognize us for our mechanical excellence and engineering expertise. We are the problem solvers, no matter if it's mechanical, electrical, or original design.

The Companyís principal, Mr. Kenneth Michael, is a life long Studebaker fanatic. Having been a professional auto mechanic, and a degreed engineer, there is no solution that eludes him. He is now semi retired and has a passion to help others make the Studebaker tradition endure. After 35 years in the turbine engine business in both aircraft and industrial configurations, He retired in 2002 at the age of 61. During his career he worked for Westinghouse Electric, Eastern Airlines, International Harvestor, Caterpillar, General Electric, and The Wood Group of Aberdeen, Scotland. He specialized in the repair of engine parts and in the test and overhaul of turbine engines. He lived and worked in seven states, and 3 foreign countries, Mexico (times 2), Turkey and Indonesia. He is an Industrial/Mechanical Engineer with a specialty in computer applications, and spent many years as a Certified Quality Control Engineer. He has two daughters, both of which think he's crazy in his ambitions with Studebakers. One drives a Toyota the other a Nissan. Ken drives only Studes and has four that are drivable: A '53 Commander coupe with a turbocharged 350 Chevy engine and TH400 tranny, A 62 Champ with a 289 Stude and 700R4 tranny, A 63 Cruiser, A 63 Avanti, project car that is drivable but needs work. Since he has owned Studes all his life Ken decided to make Stude building his hobby. At first Ken was working only for himself, then word got out and others started wanting tasks completed.

Contact Information

As our office staff is minimal and our technicians are either on the road or in the shop, we have listed Mr. Michaelís cell phone number as primary contact. You may also use our e-mail link.

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1002 West Rim View Road, Payson, AZ 85541
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