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Needing a stable source of power for 6-volt instruments after converting cars from 6 to 12 volts, I searched for a device.  Numerous aftermarket sources have voltage regulators, but at $50 plus they seemed to me to be priced too high.  I searched for and found a very detailed "How to do it" article on www.ford-trucks.com website and did it.  Total cost was less than $10 per unit, and approximately 1 hour of my time for each unit.


I've now tested it in actual automotive application on a customers 53 coupe and it works beautiful.  With input voltage varying from 11 to 14.5 volts the output was a constant 6.09 to 6.10 volts.  Perfect to power the fuel level and temperature gauges on a 53 Stude.  It will handle up to 1 amp and the gauges pulled approx. 0.7 amp. (the amperage flow varies as the fuel level and water temperature varies).

You can make this unit.  

November 2012 update. I've now installed/sold 10 of these with no comebacks nor complaints.



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